About Us

Snackyard black soldier fly larvae are a nutritious, sustainable snack for backyard chickens, ducks, and turkeys.

Our Farm
Snackyard black soldier fly larvae are 100% Canadian-grown at our farm in Cambridge, Ontario.

Black soldier fly larvae are the future of farming. With their immense nutritional value and efficient reproductive rate, these incredible insects are revolutionizing global food supply. 

Our unique farm builds upon existing technology to further optimize nutrition and environmental impact. With our innovative farming process, Snackyard harvests black soldier fly larvae that have a wider range of nutritional value.

Our Feedstock
We care about where food comes from and where waste goes.

Snackyard partners with local businesses to repurpose safe, traceable pre-consumer compost. Our feedstock has been carefully tweaked and tested for optimal nutrition.

We always know exactly what we feed our larvae, so you always know exactly what you feed your flock.
Our Mission
To provide Canadians with a healthy, safe, and ethical snack for their backyard birds. We want you to feel good about what you feed your flock.