Why Black Soldier Fly Larvae are the Perfect Snack for Chickens

Chickens LOVE black soldier fly larvae

Let’s get the obvious answer out of the way. Like us, chickens enjoy a good snack, and they love dried black soldier fly larvae. Especially if it’s Snackyard, with its smoky, nutty flavour!

Backyard birds come running for this healthy treat as soon as they sense it nearby.

Haven’t tried it with your own flock yet? Check out these chickens hurrying to peck their favourite snack:

And it’s not only chickens who can’t get enough of this tasty treat — turkeys, ducks, and other birds also adore the taste of dried black soldier fly larvae.

Black soldier fly larvae are full of nutrients

Black soldier fly larvae are a superfood for backyard birds. They provide chickens with a healthy dose of calcium, amino acids, vitamins, protein, and healthy fats.

Lots of research went into developing the optimal diet and harvesting process for Snackyard black soldier fly larvae, maximizing nutritional potential.

Though black soldier fly larvae are widely known for their high protein levels, the right farming techniques can harness other benefits such as antimicrobial peptides, for boosted immunity.

Safe, sustainable, and ethical farming

In response to emerging issues relating to the environmental impact of large scale food production, black soldier fly larvae are quickly becoming an economical and socially responsible feed option.

These little superstars eat twice their own body weight in pre-consumer feedstock every day and have an excellent conversion rate. And since they do not carry diseases, they make safe and reliable feedstock for fish and animals.

Plus, our farm is proof that it’s entirely possible to grow black soldier fly larvae with a zero waste and carbon positive model.

If you ask us, these flavourful flies are the future of farming, and maybe even the future of food.

Meet Snackyard

Snackyard dried black soldier fly larvae are grown, harvested, and packaged on our farm in Cambridge, Ontario. We are excited to bring Canadians locally farmed BSF larvae so you can feel good about what you feed your flock.

With every 1 lb of Snackyard, you help us divert 10 lb of  food away from landfills and back into a sustainable farming cycle. We convert excess pre-consumer food from our trusted community partners into a carefully curated feedstock for our larvae. It's 100% traceable and CFIA-approved, ensuring our larvae are raised on a diet that's both safe and sustainable.

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