100% Canadian-Farmed Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Canadian-Farmed Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Snackyard is a vitamin-rich daily snack for your backyard chickens. Our black soldier fly larvae are humanely raised on 100% CFIA-approved feedstock.

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Full of Nutrients

Boost immunity, enhance feathers, and strengthen eggshells with every peck.

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Fowl Favourite

Chickens, ducks, and turkeys love the smoky, nutty taste of Snackyard.

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Sustainably Grown

Our black soldier fly larvae farm is clean, ethical, and produces zero waste.

Safe & Traceable Farming

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"Great price. Locally grown. And my chickens LOVE it."

Hannah M.

My flock can't get enough Snackyard. And I love that it's Canadian!

Sam W.

Nothing gets my girls more excited than their daily Snackyard!

Gwen C.
Backyard Hen

Perfect for Pecky Eaters

This biologically appropriate snack can help prevent chickens from pecking one another.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

Proudly Farmed in Canada

Our black soldier fly larvae are humanely harvested at our farm in Cambridge, Ontario.

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Top Pick for Your Chicks

Snackyard is the perfect way to pack essential nutrients into your chick starter mix.

Snack to Give Back

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